Our new EP - Colourful Cows is out!


Comming up in the NIME-2014, London:

Soon will be published our New article that has been excepted for the next NIME proceeding, 2014: "A Max/MSP Approach for Incorporating Digital Music via Laptops in Live Performances of Music Bands", Syndrome .

Our second single, "Change" is now out

We are more than excited to share with you our new song "Change"!

Getting involved in Max community

We are sharing some electronic tools and projects we built in max environmant. Check out our new bit there: A 'Sequencer' - playing on samples, and automatic recording in live.

The gallery has been updated

We want to say thank to all the people who came to our show. it was the first time of our full EP performance, and it won't take long before it is out. Moreover, our Gallery section has been updated, so be our guest.

Our first single, L.Q.C is now out!

After a long period of music creation and studio work, we are very excited to reach that moment, and share with you our first song - L.Q.C.

Octopus App.

Wireless metronome system for group players. Octopus system solves the latency between every transmission compared to others common systems, additissssonally the accessibility is very simple: iPhone device and computer as optional,To control all devices. From aesthetic and comfort view, it is small and Lightweight devices. The app. contain variety of features, for using these features look at this video

Exhibition Trial II

second part from Exhibition Trail that will be out soon for listening,


Reharsel We are an electronic-rock band, formed in 2010 based in Israel and London, UK. Our band has released the first EP album which contains 6 tracks.
The EP describes the first part in a story about the "Colourful-Cows", a metaphor for our life and society.
In the band, we encourage the design of music from the basic experimental creation: concretic sampling, programmed synthesizing, and new live performance methods. All of that can be experienced in our music, live shows, and in other music-technology projects.

Syndrome are:
Eric Shlomi - Singer
Amo - Guitar & Synth
Kiki Kalifa - Guitar
Shaltiel Elul - Synth & Conductor
Gil Zissu - Bass Guitar
Dima Shchukin - Soundman

There are more people who took a part and support us in our creation, so we want to thank them for theirs conribution.

Speicial Thank:

Donel Zaguri
Ron Zissu
Natan and Neria Elul - Programming help
Moriah Elul
Yatir sadia - Consulting
Itshak Gabay, Mathan Ben Zion - Dag is a DJ
Suzan Lewis - Commentary
Leon Koner and David Cohen - Logistics helping
Ron Kindler
Nori Jakobi
Eliran Segev - Recording assistant
Ohad Marbach

Recorded at:

Hamou's Studio
Bar Ilan University - The Music Department
YRS Studios
BPM College Studios

More speicial people who took a part in the creation

We will be glad to hear any comment so please don't hesitate to send us your opinion in our e-mail: contact@syndrome.nu


Latest Activities


Radio, germany

Syndrome's EP in a series of Radio shows with the super cute narrator, Anita Ace.



Interesting view on our music in the popular metal blog (By Harel Golstein)


Max/MSP User!

Starting to share our projects, Find us and follow new bits in the authors community.


Our EP is available now on iTunes and on many other stores via AWAL.